The perk of short-term travel relationships

short term relationship
I curl into the side of my Irish Lad as the Slovenian countryside blurs past me, a gorgeous swirl of emerald-green countryside dotted with villas, against a bright blue sky. He wraps his arm around me, thumb absently rubbing my shoulder and I slink closer to him in our hard bus seats. Irish Lad’s other arm is draped across me, holding my hand which rests on my knee.

I don’t think, I just lean in.  I let my eyes scan the scene before me, complemented by Irish Lad, who I have only known a few days and will likely not really know once we get off this bus in town.

The golden hour has hit the Karst region as we barrel towards our expiration and the continuation of our lives.

Oh, my little short-term travel relationship.

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Falling in love with Ljubljana: Part Two

Falling in love with Ljubljana 2
Ljubljana, nestled in Slovenia, is the capital of the small Central European country. Combining Mediterranean beauty with art nouveau and baroque styles, the city is a potpourri of worlds, all meshing together to create a picturesque and gorgeous place. With thousands of cultural events in town, plus no shortage of attractions, along with having the perfect location for day trips to the coastal cities like Piran, the Karst region and the Alps, Ljubljana is the perfect landing for those craving some nature, people and fabulous gastronomy.

Just in case the first edition about all the reasons why you should fall in love with Ljubljana and go! now!, here are more reasons you should plan to visit Ljubljana.

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Slovenia Tourism: Discover Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj

Discover Lakes Bled and Bohinj in Slovenia
The aquamarine, clear water sparkles in the morning sun, setting off tiny glints of gold in the ripples of Lake Bled’s water against the looming Julian Alps and Karavanke ranges. From where I stand, high above the lake itself, it is truly one of the most beautiful, most spectacular places I have ever had the fortune to visit. This is Slovenia tourism at its best.

I stand above Lake Bled, a dream realized.

I’ve wanted to visit Lake Bled for years — since I was in Bosnia and heard of this gorgeous slice of nature deep in Slovenia. The talk I heard is what those enchanting fairy tales spun in our youth are made of. In the summer, Bled glistens and comes alive with cheer and color with a castle and a whimsical island, and in the cooler months, the fog and gray dip down from the Alps, cloaking the area in mystery and wonder.

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Finding peace in Piran

Finding peace in Piran

I sit in the front passenger seat of the white Roundabout van as we whir through the Slovenian countryside, passing the lush green rolling hills and striking vistas of the Karst region (and where we had just explored the Škocjan Cave) and criss-cross between towering mountains.

We go through a tunnel and in an instant, the scenery goes from mildly cloudy and green to that technicolor I associate with the Adriatic Sea.

And there it is.

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In Earth’s belly: the Škocjan Cave

Škocjan cave in Slovenia

The droplets of water plunk down from the damp ceiling, ploink. Ploink. It sounds like a dripping faucet in a vacuum of silence as we all stand, meters below the surface of the earth, eyes adjusting to the nearly black surroundings.

Ploink. Ploink. Ploink.

It’s cold down here. Far colder than the day I envisioned when I quickly threw on a dress and flips for my day exploring the Karst region and Slovenian coastline that morning when I was picked up from Hostel Celica in Ljubljana.

Down here, the dampness, the dark only magnify my senses. They swirl around me, reminding me where I am …

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Behind bars in Ljubljana: Hostel Celica review

Ljubljana Hostel Celica

You’d think sleeping inside a former military prison would be creepy. I even ask the manager of the property as she guides me down the dark, damp stairs to where solitary confinement used to be, a stone cave-like basement, if it is haunted. She chuckles and responds with a simple “no.”

In fact, other than the darkness of that solitary confinement area, Hostel Celica, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is anything but creepy. It is perhaps the most vibrant and energetic hostel I’ve ever rested my head.


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