Where mod meets pop culture: Brighton’s Hotel Pelirocco

Hotel Pelirocco

Editor’s Note: I was a guest of Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton, England. If you have questions regarding this, please read my disclosure policy.

Tucked into the posh Regent Square in the famous seashore of Brighton, England, is Hotel Pelirocco.

This pink-halled 19-room hotel, dubbed “England’s most rock ‘n’ roll hotel” isn’t just a place to sleep. The edgy property, in its 15 years of life, has morphed into a cultural hotspot for Brightonians and travelers, treating them to a hedonistic (if they want) place to unwind and tuck into the town.

Brighton, an easy escape for Londoners looking to hit the shore, is also known as London-by-the-Sea. In its recent history, the seaside town has become the place to have “dirty weekends,” something Pelirocco caters to.

The hotel even gives visitors an abridged look into the history of the town — namely back five decades to when more than 3,000 mods and rockers came to a head in riots. Clashes between the two cultures heated up the city, resulting in violence during the “Battle of Brighton.” (Note: to learn more about this event, check out the film “Quadrophenia (Criterion Collection)“)

Today, both are celebrated inside Pelirocco.

Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton

From the outside, Hotel Pelirocco is unassuming. Sure, it’s got a purple light announcing what people have stumbled upon, but other than that it’s quite … normal. A 200-plus-year-old, four-floor townhouse overlooking the green of Regent Square and beyond, to the sea, it fits right in with the rest of the neighborhood lined with tourist haunts like fish n’ chip shops, hotels, pubs, and of course, the infamous Brighton Lanes.

The bar at Hotel Pelirocco

And yet, once you step inside, it is clear Hotel Pelirocco is nothing like its surroundings.

Inside Hotel Pelirocco

For starters, there is nothing PC about this hotel. If easily offended, skirt your eyes from the thousands of pictures and photos hung from the Peptobismol-pink walls.

Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton

For those who delight in brash humor, racy images and naughty language, walk in and enjoy.

Wallpaper at Hotel Pelirocco

Part 1920s carnival atmosphere, thanks to its lush velvet curtains and lighting, and part hip décor complete with butterflies with skull faces adorning a wall in the bar/restaurants, we’ve stepped into the heart of the action at the hotel for a Sunday.

Hotel Pelirocco celebrating Dolly Parton

Inside, men and women don blonde wigs, plaid shirts and massive cleavage as they compete in a Dolly Parton look-alike contest in the bar.

“This year marks our 15th annviersary,” Cecily, the marketing manager and lifelong Brightonian explains from behind the little, dark bar. “Every month, we are celebrating with a special event that ties into one of our theme rooms. This month, its Dolly, which honors our Dollywould room.”

The two of us survey the crowd before we head into Pelirocco’s world — an adult play land of sorts — which taps into the history of Brighton’s mod scene, pop culture and grown up pleasures.

Pretty Vacant room at Hotel Pelirocco

We’re checked into a large room on the third floor – Pretty Vacant – a room dedicated to The Sex Pistols. Inside, the carpet is a bright, deep pink and leopard print and Sid Vicious photos and band images deck the walls.

A razor blade toilet at Hotel Pelirocco

In the bathroom, handcuffs (no, you can’t use them) hang from a paperclip modeled towel rack, above a toilet seat covered in thumbtacks, razors and barbed wire under a safe clear covering.

Regent Square View from Pelirocco


The two-bed room (one single and one queen) delivers gorgeous views, thanks to the three windows in the middle which offer views of the square and the sea.

Pretty Vacant hotel room

In the morning, Pretty Vacant glows a gorgeous pale pink as the sun rises, and the cries of gulls make their way into our almost-awake soundtrack.

Pretty Vacant at Hotel Pelirocco


Like the quirky hotel itself, the rooms at Pelirocco run the gamut. From sexy and naughty (including a chest of toys for couples) to geeky/cool Star Wars, every room is different. It takes me zero time at all to resolve to come back to the property and at least see each room, although in reality, what I really want to do is move in to the hotel and experience each unique one for myself.

All rooms come equipped with complimentary wifi.

The Bottom Line

Art at Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton

I’ve never stayed in such a kitschy, cool hotel before. Hotel Pelirocco, with its location, its friendly staff, cool events and amazing design, take the cake. I liked Brighton before I stepped foot in the property, and after my stay at Pelirocco, I full-on loved the town. The hotel echoes the spirit of the beach city, and it is well worth the £100+ per night price tag. Go. Go now. And let me know which room you choose.


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9 thoughts on “Where mod meets pop culture: Brighton’s Hotel Pelirocco

  1. Agh this place looks like so much fun!

    You had us at “inside, men and women don blonde wigs, plaid shirts and massive cleavage as they compete in a Dolly Parton look-alike contest in the bar.”

    LOVE kitsch!


  2. Aw this is such a funky place that is right up my alley. You don’t find many hotels that have a character like this. Definitely in a league of its own.


  3. We made the best choice! 🙂 we stayed in the Diana Dors themed room for our honeymoon, the room was huge and excellently themed as we imagined! The staff were super friendly especially Amy and the girl with dark hair and blonde fringe. It wasn’t noisy at all although mon/weds might be quieter nights I guess. Breakfast was great everything was really good quality (except the bread) which is fine unless you order a bacon sandwich which kind of needs good bread. We definitely want to return next year and try out another room 🙂


  4. Ah, how I love Brighton! My old stomping ground don’t you know…This place looks like fun – and definitely somewhere to check out next time I’m in town.


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