Rivers of relaxation – the magic and majesty of our European waterways

2001-240197-01We’ve all been there. That agonizing decision. Where to book the next holiday? Nowadays as the working day spills evermore into our precious leisure time, it’s more critical than ever to make sure that we choose the right getaway. A break which will give us maximum relaxation time and a welcome change from the anonymous beach package or exhausting city break.

One holiday type which has exploded in popularity in recent years is European river cruising, and it’s no wonder. Tiring of endless wasted time in airport queues, with all the intrusive security, inevitable delays followed by cramped and soulless flights, the discerning traveler is looking for something new. Gliding along the stunning waterways of Europe is a refreshing alternative. When you finalize your river cruise booking, you can rest assured that you have made your best choice yet. Why? Because it offers so much rolled into one magical adventure.

From the minute you board your ship sipping on that welcome cocktail and you open the door to your beautifully appointed cabin, you will instantly feel that you are on top of the world. Modern river cruise ships in Europe have undertaken a phenomenal overhaul in recent times, you’ll find yourself thrown into another world where every small detail is covered ensuring your total enjoyment and relaxation. The international cuisine on the ships is second to none as is the amazing choice of wine often influenced by the very port you have just sailed out from. What’s more the entertainment offered on board will leave no one bored, there really is something for everyone. Whether it’s playing with the Bridge professional, trying your hand at watercolor or taking an exercise class, the options are endless. Or if you want to sit and just be.. you can. The feeling of wellbeing as you let some of the world’s most spectacular scenery drift before you, is truly life affirming and even the most cynical of travelers will be hard pushed not to be blown away.

The different routes and circuits available along the waterways of Europe are endless. You’d be well advised to invest in a travel guidebook before you leave to help you make those decisions and there are some excellent European river cruise blogs such as the Scenic Tours blog which will give you an expert insight into the possibilities. I found this ‘Guide to France through Art’ and it was amazing.

Whether you are travelling alone, with a partner or with some friends, gliding along the European waterways is truly a breathtaking experience. The unique thing about cruising in Europe is that you are never more than a few hours from your next port. There are no days ‘lost’ at sea and you can be sure that every day you’ll be able to go ashore for a jam packed foray into a dazzling selection of ports.

Which other kind of holiday can, within the space of a few short days, see you crossing the endless ornate bridges which span the waterways of Venice, visiting the poignant museums and galleries of Amsterdam, admiring the majesty of the castles of the Rhine valley or having some fantastic fun in the bustling markets which will pepper your trip.

So, whichever European river cruise route you choose… I expect you will certainly be back for more. Once you’ve experienced the magic of cruising, choosing your next holiday will be a breeze. There’s just no comparison.

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