Why I will always be obsessed with Rome

Rome is a city with many souls – ranging from ancient powerhouse, to artistic labyrinth, to modern metropolis. Here are but a few reasons why the city will always have my heart.

ROME Colosseum

Weather doesnt matter

There’s never a lack of famous monuments to explore around the city, and you can find discount tickets online all year round. But countless museums also allow you to discover both classic and modern art, rain or shine. And if you don’t feel like chin-stroking your way through a gallery, spending a rainy afternoon wine-drinking is not only socially acceptable, but a cultural obligation.

Never-ending gelato

Yes, the never-ending factor was just born out of my own volition. And yes, you can find gelato throughout Italy. But the Romans seem to have heightened expectations of this frozen fantasy. “Gelato shop hopping” became a sport for me while I was there, despite the fact that one bite of the stuff can satisfy my hedonistic impulses for days.


Italian food

Italian food is internationally renowned for its wholesome, rich identity. The trademark spices, oils, meats and cheeses unite in orgasmic, tongue-twisting flavors every time. Some of my favorite discoveries in Rome were a life-changing lasagna, a variety of home-made pastas from family-owned places, and olive oil tastings.


Art is everywhere

Art and music are inescapable in Rome. While the city houses some of the best museums in the world, you never have to seek out beauty in the form of architecture, music or design here. Open your eyes and move your feet – the city’s infamous “open-air museum” reputation will reveal itself in no time.


The energy in the air

There’s an electricity in the city that is undeniable. People are excited to be there, and as Italian culture is marked by open, loving expression, they don’t hide it! One of the best places to feel this energy is by taking a bottle of wine and hanging out on the Spanish Steps around sunset. When returning to Rome, I seem to find a different tune of its passion and energy each and every time.

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