Exploring Spain

The bang of road trip adventures is unbeatable no matter where you go for your vacation, and the same applies when you hop over to Spain. There are countless road trips snake-lining all over country which lead to secluded hidden treasures for you to uncover. Among others, exploring Basque country on your car is a must, for you can explore deep inside the region destinations not approachable by buses or trains.


Visit the hub of the Basque country where a massive puppy is poising as the ‘His Master’s Voice’ in front of the Guggenheim museum. It is an amusing piece of architect with wire frame, stuffed with 25 tons of soil where plants have grown to cover its body. The museum as a whole is a world-class affair built with titanium, glass, steel, and limestone. Then there are other astonishing exhibits to steal your hearts. Drive around the old town, visit other attractions or hit the road and head to Axpe, a tiny village that will introduce your taste buds to the local cuisine flavours, either smoked or grilled over the embers.


Next zoom to the Alava province, which is scenic countryside which has taken to wine-making seriously, and has carved a name for its unique gastronomic culture. You can visit the Gothic cathedral of Santa Maria de Vitoria, which is a must-visit for the tourists. Feel free to take part in food festivals, or drive along the famous wine routes and taste the samplings. Then there are nature reserves and reservoirs making it a perfect place for you to get lost. To stretch your legs you can indulge in outdoor sports as well.


When done with Alava head for Guipuzcoa province, far up in northern Spain, with a spectacular coastal line. The beautiful beaches of the Cantabrian Sea and amusing landscape, the cliffs of Deba and Zumaia, and stunning view of the bay of La Concha are just waiting to sweep you off your feet. Then there are countless modern architectural splendours including, the Palacio Kursaal conference centre renowned for hosting the famous San Sabestian International Film Festival. While shrines of La Antigua in Zumarraga, and Loiola basilica in Azpeitia, stand out as the classical examples of ancient Baroque and Romanesque arthitecture. The place also takes care of your gastronomies with countless world-class restaurants serving sumptuous food.


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