Backpacker Basics: Makeup on the road

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Mindful Wanderlust.

Traveling long-term is not always glamourous, and it most certainly does not always feel glamourous. I have always loved makeup and how it can transform someone into a glam girl, or just brighten up the skin, and give you a fresh polished look in no time.

I have been a makeup artist for more than 10 years, but now only do it part-time back home. However, I still love every chance I get to play around. While backpacking may not be the best time to wear a full face of makeup (I didn’t even at home) it’s important to take care of your skin while on the road, and it’s always nice to feel a little different on some evenings from all those sweaty makeup-free days.

I bring very little with me on the road, but what I do bring goes a long way.

So, what do you need to go from backpacker meh to backpacker glam?



This eyeliner is so soft and easy to work with. It gives a nice sharp black line, or a soft smokey eye. I love it. $18




I’m a big fan of this bronzer as it has a range of color, from the deepest mauve to the palest pink. It is great for bronzing and highlighting. I even use it as eyeshadow. It has a really smooth texture and looks flawless on the skin. $25


Gabriel Mascara

Just a good old reliable cruelty free black mascara. No clumping. $15


Seaweed Cream

This day cream is a wonderful, light, and non-greasy face cream. Perfect for travel. $16 And, speaking of which …


D Travels Round Cleanser

Luckily I have never had any problems with my skin, even as a teenager. I really don’t like applying too many products on my face. The way I look at it is, your skin is living and breathing, the less chemicals used, the better. This cleanser is mild, smells fresh, and does the job. $13



I LOVE red lipstick. It is classic, and glamourous, and I will be wearing into my old grey years. It can brighten up your face with a dab on the lips and even the cheeks. This brand glides on smoothly, stays put, and the price is right! $6


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4 thoughts on “Backpacker Basics: Makeup on the road

  1. I love the seaweed products from the Body Shop. I actually brought the Ionic Clay Mask with me when we first set off – I was heartbroken when I used it all up. Re-stocking on products I love is definitely a challenge on the road. The stuff that I like isn’t always available, or can be hard to find in other countries.


  2. I love playing around with new makeup, haven’t tried any of the ones you mentioned above so thanks for the tips. I’m curious about the bronze but I still haven’t figured out how to apply the damn thing right :P.


  3. Hogga, you should definitely try the eyeliner. You will love it!

    Jessica, I love all of Body Shops products! they are light and natural, not heavy with chemicals. Yes it is difficult to find the products we know and love while on the road. I try to stick with all natural products if I run out. I use baking soda as an exfoliator on the road. It is super cheap and is great for your skin! I also use coconut oil to moisturize.

    Sofia, playing around with new makeup is so much fun! As long as you go easy on the bronzer, you can’t mess it up.


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