Daily Wanderlust: Wave Rock, Western Australia

Editor’s Note: While I am preparing to leave Las Vegas, embark on an epic cross-country road trip exploring America and relocate to Thailand to become an expat, I have opened my blog to special guest posts from travel bloggers I love. This is a guest post written by Laurence.

Hidden in the depths of the Australian outback is a giant rock, which for all intents and purposes appears to be frozen into the shape of a huge wave. It is titled, imaginatively, the Wave Rock. (This from the country that also brings you such highlights as the 90-mile beach. No prizes for guessing how that was named.)

Like many sights in Australia, it is far away from anywhere. For me, it was particularly far, as I chose to reach it via the legendary four-wheel-drive-only Holland Track. It took me two days to drive along, across dense and forbidding outback scenery, and claimed the handbrake cable on my Landcruiser. Luckily the outback is also fairly flat, so that wasn’t too much of a problem.

However you get there, this is one rock that is going to take your breath away (Uluru does not have the rocks-that-take-your-breath-away market totally cornered in Australia).

After posing for the obligatory “I’m surfing on a giant rock in the middle of nowhere”, you can walk around, up and over the rock, marvelling at the whim of nature. Then you can try and figure out how to get back to wherever you came from…


Wave Rock Western Australia

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