Daily Wanderlust: Napa Valley, California

I’ve known the lovely and talented travel blogger Abby Tegnelia for years. Pre my long term travel. And pre her expat life.  So, when she and I, along with another lovely and talented travel blogger, Kristin Luna, brought up a trip to Napa Valley, Calif. to get away for a weekend, there was no saying “no.”

At the time, Kristin was living in San Francisco, so Abby and I boarded a Virgin flight and met here there.

Our first night, we stayed at the lavish Fairmont, and hit up Off the Grid. Then, in the morning, we drove through the thick fog and inland to the lush Napa Valley region.

We didn’t really have a plan, other than a tasting set up in the late afternoon. So, we just drove around and picked places. One winery we stopped at was Peju. While the vineyard was barren, I still loved staring out into the fields.

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