Daily Wanderlust: Seville, Spain

It’s no secret my heart belongs to Spain. After all, it is the one country I spent the most time in during my long-term travels, bopping in and out more more than a handful of times before I risked deportation. In fact, Spain is the one place I can imagine myself staying long-term … it just feels like home.

While I only spent two days in Seville — and most of that time I was sleeping, thanks to being exhausted from five days in Rwanda — I did get to explore the gorgeous streets of the main town. Like most of Spain, the old towns are filled with vibrant colors, hanging plants and history.

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4 thoughts on “Daily Wanderlust: Seville, Spain

  1. I am sooooo with you on your love for Spain! Something about the place is relaxing but exciting at the same time – I traveled to Barcelona and along the Costa Brava years ago and am planning a trip back there within the next several months. A wonderful country indeed!


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