I quit my job … again

A potential office view?

It’s amazing how quickly life can change.

Two weeks ago, I was trying to balance my day job (a part-time position with full-time responsibilities) with my freelance writing.

I was stressed. I was overwhelmed. I was exhausted.

Then, I took a trip to Red Mountain Resort in Ivins, Utah for a story I am working on …

And, my experiences there changed my entire path.

I’m not going to get into it right now because they make far better stories than quick summaries, but I will say this:

The events which transpired over those two days in the gorgeous Utah terrain, coupled with the insight I gained while there, gave me permission to do what it is I have dreamed of doing since I returned from my first long-term travel adventure in September 2010 — fulfill my destiny.

Chase after my dreams.

Yesterday, I gave my two weeks notice at my day job.

Yup, I quit my job.

As of March 2, I answer to me.

What does this mean?

I will be working for myself. Creating relationships. Chasing after my goal to become a full-time writer.

A few months ago, a writer I respect greatly, inspired me to write my book. For nearly 60 days, I would take the time to hammer out 3,000 words a day, weaving tales of my career break in 2010. I finished the first draft a few days of schedule — wrapping it up just before New Year’s Eve.

So, there’s the book which is going through edits, but will ultimately begin to get pitched to agents this year.

Then, there’s my freelance writing career.

I have a lot of gigs going on, but could have more, with more time to pursue it.

Free like a bird. Well, a bird on a tight little budget.

And, there is travel.

The resignation isn’t like the last time I quit and tackled my 30-life-crisis head on. This time there are no immediate long-term travel plans.

Quitting my job means a temporary hold on travel, unless it is for writing purposes, but I have my travel funds earmarked and ready … and plan to embark on the next journey (and it will be a good one) after spending Thanksgiving with my family.

For now, expect the site to stay pretty consistent with the past year — stories, Escapes (like this one to Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda), other traveler’s tales — and expect it to grow even more.

And, should you know anyone who wants to take care of my cats for a few months (until my parents can take them), check out their cute little site.Ā (Don’t let the name of the site deter you! It’s all in good fun.)

I know this choice is risky. I know it isn’t going to be easy. But, for the first time in … ever … I truly believe in myself and what I can accomplish when I give myself permission to do so.

It’s the perfect time for me to repeat my mantra: Life isn’t about happily ever after, it’s about living.

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44 thoughts on “I quit my job … again

  1. I’m so happy for you! And also, super impressed that you knocked out a book in that amount of time. Now, I just need to follow suit…I have a couple half-finished manuscripts scattered among my computers!


    1. Thank you, Kristin! Well, the book thing was a total labor of love! I knew if I didn’t hunker down and get it done with a daily goal, it wasn’t going to happen. Do it!!


  2. So excited! So funny that you and I were just talking about this and you have now changed your mind and decided to take the leap. Congrats. I’ll be all over gchat while I freelance it up as well, so we’ll be in touch šŸ™‚


    1. Ha, yeah! I figured I didn’t want to keep waiting. The timing will never be perfect. And, I didn’t want the stress and negativity any longer. LEAP!! šŸ™‚ Can’t wait to freelance it up with you!!


  3. Congratulations!

    I know this is the start of something big for you. And for what it’s worth, every single time I take a big risk I am always rewarded – not always in the way I thought I initially wanted but it always works out.


  4. Oh wow. Wishing you all the best – and thanking you for giving me another helping of inspiration too. Good luck! Can’t wait to read about how it all unfolds…


  5. You are so courageous! CONGRATS! I am so proud of you for following your heart – not everyone can do that. I HAVE to hear about your trip (in real detail) about the Red Mtn Resort AND why you didn’t invite me….I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you! Go get em! Talk to you soon



    1. Oh Lindsey, I love you so much!! I didn’t invite anyone to RMR, sadly. Although I had a 1100 square foot villa and was a bit gutted when I walked into it and realized I had no one to turn to and get excited with!! Your comment brought tears to my eyes. I love, love, love YOU!!!


    1. More are coming … it’s hard to put into words what happened over the past few weeks. Unlike the first time I quit my job to travel, there was some genuine thought and planning in this, and lots of hard work, heartache and healing.


  6. Congratulations lady! I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time! šŸ˜›

    It feels so good when you take hold of your life like that. Sending you light and love.


  7. Yes! I just did the same thing and have been freelancing since February 1st! It’s been great! I’ll be starting my travels again later this spring šŸ˜‰ can’t wait to see how your adventures transpire!


    1. Ahhhhh!!! We can compare notes!!! Where are you? That’s awesome!! I don’t know what my travel plans are, but know they are coming down the pipline sooner than later!


  8. Yippee!! So proud of you for finishing your book! Can’t wait to read it. Such an inspiration. Let me know when you’re coming back to Spain. I’m sure that’s going to be on your list and I will want to be there for it.


    1. ABBEY!!! HI!!! Thank you. It’s only the first draft. Lots of re-writes to do!! I hope to be back in Spain in a year or so … we shall see! What are your plans? Details!! xx


    1. Thank you! It’s the second time I’ve done it. This time, I’m not going back to the life I was living. All new, all amazing. šŸ™‚


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