Drink your water … and other tips to survive a Vegas Vacation

Editors Note: This post was not intended for my site. I wrote it because I accepted a bid on TextBrokers.com, a site which unites writers with those who need writing. I submitted it, was paid for it, and then saw someone else had actually taken credit for my words. Now, I am fine with ghost writing, but this was not stated as such an assignment. The person who posted the job, and later my writing, took credit for the article completely and even posted a bio at the end about her experience as a writer. I reached out to the author (who never responded to me), as well as TextBrokers.com who handled the situation courtesoly and professionally, and within days had worked with the author to remove the post. I’m not one to let writing go to waste, so, here ya go. A fun little piece on Vegas.

Heading to Las Vegas? It’s easy to get sucked in to the bright lights, the pulsing nightlife, the simply gorgeous culinary creations awaiting diners in every casino …

Before you head to the desert, here are some simple rules to enhance your Las Vegas experience:

Tip 6: Know where the exit signs are in case of fire. Fortunately, all guests at the Monte Carlo during the infamous fire in 2008 escaped unharmed.

1. Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em. As cliche as it may sound, this is one of the most important rules to keep in mind. Set a budget if gambling, and stick to it. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the idea of taking home a small fortune. Remember — Las Vegas wasn’t built on winners.

2. Plan ahead. Want to try that new Michelin rated restaurant? So does everyone else. Make reservations for that special meal before leaving home. Otherwise, that dream dinner will be just that, a dream.

3. Behave. Well, at least a little bit. Clubs don’t look kindly on overly drunken behavior. And, escorts areย  not prostitutes. Paying for any sort of sexual anything is illegal in Clark County.

4. Not everything in Las Vegas costs money. A good time can be had without spending anything. At night, head to the Bellagio fountains. Play a game (a real game) at one of Cosmopolitan’s lounges. Plus,ย  there are plenty of opportunities to people watch everywhere in town.

5. Drink water. It is a desert. Being outside in the summer requires water consumption. It also helps quell the wicked hangover the next morning.

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2 thoughts on “Drink your water … and other tips to survive a Vegas Vacation

  1. Sorry you had such a crappy publishing experience!

    I ended up not spending much at all when I was in Vegas (except to see Love!)… I found there were lots of free and cheap things to do. ๐Ÿ™‚ And yeah, drinking water…I wish I had thought about that before I’d gone ๐Ÿ™‚ I got pretty dehydrated after a couple days, but luckily realized and started guzzling before it got too bad.


    1. Thanks! Yeah, it was annoying, but considering its the only bad one I’ve had, totally OK. There are so many free things to do in Vegas! It’s great!! And yes, water … super important!! Thanks for the comment. ๐Ÿ™‚


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