It’s not “goodbye,” it’s “see you soon,” the Atlanta edition

I could barely hide the tears when I hugged my co-worker goodbye yesterday.

And tonight, embracing people who have made my time in Atlanta so marvelous and memorable and wonderful, it was hard not to have the mascara run down my face.

I am used to “goodbyes.” This is the second time in roughly one year I have traded everything familiar for the unknown. It is not easy. No matter how many times you change out those “goodbyes” for “see you soons,” truth be told —  it really just sucks.

When traveling, you meet and make friends and then part ways, with the unspoken knowledge it is likely you will not see them again. You take with you the memories you shared, the bond only traveling brings, and you move on. Those people, regardless of whether you actually are in their presence  again or even see them again, will always have a special place in your heart.

But, when you leave the life you have lived, I think it’s a little different. The emotions I am feeling are the same ones I felt a year ago when I was leaving Las Vegas.

I remember pulling out of the Luxor, after catching a private performance of Counting Crows, looking up and down The Strip and  thinking to myself, you are leaving the life you know and moving to the unknown. Are you ready to change your reality?

I was. It was ridiculously hard to move away from the people I loved for four years of my life and let in new people in Georgia.

Today, it’s no different. Tonight, as we left Smith’s Olde Bar, I looked at the Midtown skyline and thought the same thing I did when I left Luxor.

I am beyond excited about my upcoming trip, but everything in life comes with a sacrifice. This one is huge. The people I have met in Atlanta are beautiful and wonderful people with kind hearts and stunning souls.

Tonight was my going away party, and it was perfect. Until I had to say “see you soon.” There is no way to properly convey to the people who made this town so amazing how appreciated their friendships have been and how much each person means (and will continue to mean) to me.

But, unlike traveling and all the amazing people I meet, and will meet, I know one thing is for certain with the people in the life I currently lead — I will see each and every one of them soon.

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5 thoughts on “It’s not “goodbye,” it’s “see you soon,” the Atlanta edition

  1. Goodbyes are so bloody hard. It’s the human condition to want closure on something before we move onto the next, even if that new event is thrilling, a bittersweet taste comes with parting ways. I must be PMSing, very emotional today.

    Anyhoo, fresh hellos await you. 🙂


  2. I’m terrible with goodbyes and I’m not looking forward to it either. It’s doubly hard when you have the anticipation of a trip coupled with leaving so many people.


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