Summer camp for grownups

A few hours after my para-falling incident, the Fez Bus pulled into Kadir’s Tree Houses, the first “tree houses” to open in Olympos, Turkey. There had been a fire earlier in it’s history that devastated the site, but it had since been restored. And, subsequently during this time, other entrepreneurs followed the popular “tree house”Continue reading “Summer camp for grownups”


I never thought my Bucket List would be my Death Wish. But, early Saturday morning in Fethiye, I nearly died. I should have known better. I had been talking about paragliding in Turkey since I started my trip. It seemed safe — you just run off a cliff and then float over the bluegreen gorgeousContinue reading “Para-falling”

A final note on Kusadasi

A few days after departing Kusadasi, I thought everything was behind me. It pretty much was … until I was reunited with Claire in Olympos. I was sitting at the treetop bar, enjoying my last evening in my adult summer camp surroundings when she sat next to me. “Claire! Hi!” I squealed as she tookContinue reading “A final note on Kusadasi”

The Story of Mustafa

The first night at the restaurant when I met Mustafa, I thought he was nice. Ignorant, but nice. He had joked with my group of friends, had given me a discount card, had been friendly and welcoming. The perfect example of the famed Turkish hospitality. I immediately liked him. Then, he told me the storyContinue reading “The Story of Mustafa”

Congrats, you’re hired; Sorry, you’re fired

I thought the offer of free room, food and drinks in exchange for work at the hotel in Kusadasi, Turkey sounded too good to be true. It was. There were so many warning bells going off in my head when I accepted the job, and unlike the good (and safe) traveler I normally am, IContinue reading “Congrats, you’re hired; Sorry, you’re fired”

Playing tourist in Turkey

The smells … the colors … the people flooding in and out of the ancient Spice Market in Istanbul was overwhelming. After my decidedly non-tourist day watching a movie the day before, Joe and I planned a perfect tour of Turkey for the following day. We met early in the morning at Harmony, ┬áplanning toContinue reading “Playing tourist in Turkey”