Boutique Luxury at Hotel Indigo Paddington

Hotel Indigo Paddington London review

Light blue twinkling lights hang on what looks like an artistic interpretation of a Christmas tree in the lobby of Hotel Indigo Paddington.

We’re in the heart London’s Paddington neighborhood and for the next two nights, the converted townhouse of Hotel Indigo is home.

The lobby at Paddingon's Hotel Indigo

The building itself is old, but Indigo with its colorful interior, feels new and fresh.

Hotel Indigo - Paddington in London

With little reminders of the Big Smoke on the walls (think black and white images of iconic and unrecognizable images of London) and funky, modern murals on the walls (hello, random math equation that my partner for this trip swears doesn’t make any sense), Indigo’s got what I have grown to love in hotels: a unique identity that ties in local charm with quiet luxury.

The hallway of Hotel Indigo - Paddington

In fact, each floor is a different color, something the property notes reflects Paddington’s history as the sole dairy supplier in town.

A room at London's Hotel Indigo

My jewel-toned room, complete with chaise lounge and heated towel racks, is cozy. The bed, which is admittedly my weakness thanks to living in SE Asia so long and that region’s lack of attention to soft goodness when laying horizontal – is the only thing in the room which disappoints.

Hotel Indigo in Paddington, London

When I go to jump in, I find it hard, but camouflaged to look like I could sink right in.

The bathroom at Paddington's Hotel Indigo

In the morning, I test out the shower. Its got two choices: the normal shower head and then the rainshower. Of course, I opt for the downpour. I stand there as the hot water rushes over me, relishing every moment of the waterfall to warm my body from the cold London morning.

The amenities

The hotel offers a restaurant and bar, which we try out for breakfast. A bit overpriced, and eggs that aren’t cooked the way I asked, it isn’t bad, although the next morning we head out of the hotel to grab a bite at a local shop where the food comes out perfectly and for half the price.

Wifi is prevalent and quick, and after a night out, it is nice to come home and enjoy the free movie channels.

There’s a gym, too, but this is vacation (read: calorie-free, right?). The staff is all polite and kind and when we ask for a late check-out, we are told it is £10 an hour, or we can simply sign up for the IGH card and be given a free late check out. Done.

The location

Natural History Museum London
Another free museum in the neighborhood, the Natural History Museum

Indigo is in a fantastic location to enjoy all that London has to offer. Skip buying tickets for the trains and instead purchase an Oyster card for £5 and then add on either a day or weekly pass (at around £32 for a week-long pass for Zones 1 and 2, it is a fabulous deal for exploring all that London has) and use the hotel as the jumping pad for digging into the city. Or, simply put on a good pair of shoes and walk through Hyde Park to spots like South Kensington to explore the free museums like the Victoria & Albert, Natural History or Science.

The bottom line

A room here will set you back about $150 + a night. But, by London standards, that isn’t too bad. The location for this hotel is its biggest selling point though. I love how close it is to the majestic parks and free museums and its an easy walk. The rooms here are lovely, although the beds didn’t do it for me. The Hotel Indigo’s staff is friendly, there are plenty of places to chow down on the (relatively) cheap nearby.

Editor’s Note: I was a guest of Hotel Indigo, however all opinions are my own. If you have questions regarding this, please read my disclosure policy

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      1. Thanks so much! I am staying here in a few weeks and definitely didn’t want to pack one if I didn’t have to! But I didn’t see it on the webpage or trip advisor.

        I appreciate your blog post. 🙂


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