Daily Wanderlust: Gunung Kawi, Bali

Editor’s Note: While I am preparing to leave Las Vegas, embark on an epic cross-country road trip exploring America and relocate to Thailand to become an expat, I have opened my blog to special guest posts from travel bloggers I love. This is a guest post written by Theodora Sutcliffe.

I’ve travelled to over 50 countries among the world, over 20 of them with my young son, and Bali, Indonesia, is one of the most consistently beautiful places I’ve visited. If you are planning a visit to Southeast Asia, make sure to search for Bali hotels.

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It’s not just the landscapes of rice terraces, volcanoes and cliffs descending to world class surf. It’s the indigenous culture, a form of Hinduism that’s unique in the world, and sense of beauty that makes everything, even humble flower offerings, food or the art of tying the sarong an aesthetic exercise.

This tranquil spot is Gunung Kawi temple, a few miles outside Ubud. With its flowing water, lush palms and simple, elegant architecture, it’s the essence of Bali, and bathing in the springs is an absolute must.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Wanderlust: Gunung Kawi, Bali

  1. Gunung Kawi is like the newly discovered treasure for Balinese, as i remember it found in 80’s

    this place also favorite place for some Balinese bride and groom to take their pre-wedding picture


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