Goodbye, Prius

She sits in the lot at CarMax, her dark gray exterior even darker against the overcast winter sky in Maryland. I blink back tears, then head inside to sign her away. “Well, this is really easy,” the sales clerk says to me across his desk in the fluorescent lit office. “Just sign here and here,Continue reading “Goodbye, Prius”

Daily Wanderlust: floating in Sri Lanna National Park

The boat that whisks us some 20 minutes from the red-dirt mainland to the floating bungalows and restaurant is loud. Super loud. But none of us care. A quick drive from Chiang Mai (about 75 minutes) takes city-dwellers to another world … filled with water and tree-covered mountains. The perfect day trip for those looking forContinue reading “Daily Wanderlust: floating in Sri Lanna National Park”

Daily Wanderlust: the vibrant Valley of Fire

Located outside of Las Vegas, the Valley of Fire is a site to behold. With enormous outcroppings of orange-hued rock set against lime green cacti and bright blue sky, the beauty of the southwest desert comes alive here. It is one of my favorite spots to explore and offers gorgeous drives and stunning hikes aroundContinue reading “Daily Wanderlust: the vibrant Valley of Fire”

Daily Wanderlust: the tranquility of Solta, Croatia

There are few places in the world I refer to as “paradise.” Very few. Solta, Croatia is one of them. A 45-minute ferry ride from the charming city of Split, this little  technicolor island is void of tourists. Here, you can get a sweet taste of the slow island life and enjoy everything from fresh-pressedContinue reading “Daily Wanderlust: the tranquility of Solta, Croatia”

Ditch the excuses … it’s time to travel

“Oh, I wish I could do what you did and just travel but [insert a myriad of reasons why Person X just can’t possibly travel,” says most people who comment on my travels. Which, of course, makes my blood boil. Why? Because — you know what? You. Can. So, I’m calling bullshit. Yup. Bull. Shit. TheContinue reading “Ditch the excuses … it’s time to travel”

Daily Wanderlust: Bullets and Bosnia

From memorials like the one in Berlin to museums in Rwanda to simply a pock-marked building telling the tales of those who were silenced … images like these haunt my mind. In Bosnia-Herzegovina, the remnants of war can be found in many places. Even in the heart of Sarajevo, there are stories to be toldContinue reading “Daily Wanderlust: Bullets and Bosnia”

Daily Wanderlust: Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial

There are few places which resonate with me more than memorials to those who have been killed due to simply being who they are. In my travels, I’ve always sought out places like this to pay my respects for the atrocities the human race has befallen onto others. In Rwanda, I visited the Kigali MemorialContinue reading “Daily Wanderlust: Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial”

Escape of the Week: Melbourne – sophisticated, hip, and a food lover’s paradise

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from travel blogger Chris Moshi. Melbourne is the first place I visited on my trip around Australia and it certainly made an impression on me, so much so that after visiting Adelaide and Perth it’s the city that I want to return to the most. The most EuropeanContinue reading “Escape of the Week: Melbourne – sophisticated, hip, and a food lover’s paradise”

Anxiety abroad

“I think I have shortness of breath,” I say when I stop into the clinic my old apartment owner runs. “I just lost a friend the other week and my heart is racing and I don’t feel well.” A look of concern rushes over the gentle doctor’s face. “That’s hard,” he says, pondering what toContinue reading “Anxiety abroad”

Surviving Songkran

The stream of water from the squirt gun hits me dead in the eye. The sting is instantaneous. “Damnit! My eye!” I whimper as I attempt to wipe the water out. But, it’s no use. I’m in the middle of the world’s biggest water fight — Songkran — a celebration of the new year inContinue reading “Surviving Songkran”