One-thousand welcomes

I had been warned ahead of time, ignore people on the streets in Morocco. They will talk to you, befriend you, then demand money when you go your separate ways. Oh yeah, I was going into Morocco armed with so much knowledge about what to do, how to act, what to wear (cover your body,Continue reading “One-thousand welcomes”

When motorbikes go wrong

It happened in an instant. I saw a face. A motorbike. Then I heard the awful sound of vehicle hitting vehicle. And then a thud. Then, I felt our SUV roll over something. Oh. My. God. I screamed. Put my hand over my mouth, which was agape. Anna grabbed my hand. We had hit someone.Continue reading “When motorbikes go wrong”

Rwanda, 15 years after the genocide

The next morning, we awoke early for breakfast, where I met Jason, Adam and another reporter, Mary (she was doing a story on politics, not travel, but was still on our travel press trip). We ate quickly because we were being shuffled off on a bus tour of Kigali. We could have slept in becauseContinue reading “Rwanda, 15 years after the genocide”

My first glimpse of Africa

I picked 14 K on the Brussels flight to Kigali on purpose. I wanted a window seat and to spread my legs out in front of me. I never get the chance to sit in the first seat in the economy class, but this time, the Plane Gods were on my side. The trip toContinue reading “My first glimpse of Africa”