photos of Venice

Venice, Italy is quite a photographers dream.

With the sparkling lagoons, tiny car-free lanes, buildings in a state of beautiful erosion, colors, lights, the historic landmarks and buildings … it is hard not to simply see Venice through the lens of a camera versus simply experiencing the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Of course, during my visit to the city, when I wasn’t trying to dodge the tourists, I was snapping photos and making sure I didn’t trip and fall head first into one of the canals. ‘Cause I totally could have.

With hundreds of photos of Venice to choose from, it was difficult to narrow it down. The city is that photogenic.

These are my favorite photos of Venice, Italy, capturing the beauty, the history, the culture, the crowds, the beach … and everything else.


A canal in Venice


Deep in the heart of Venice, restaurants with quaint outdoor patios and locals intermixed with tourists can be found.


A shopkeeper surveys the scene as the day turns to night.


The UNESCO World Heritage city offers a stunning and somewhat-preserved look at a time at Venice’s heyday.


Sunset over the Piazza San Marco


Tucked deep into the main island, scenes like this emerge from nooks and crannies.


Religious shrines like this can be found throughout Venice.


Curtains peek through open shutters creating colorful images.


Tourists stroll en route to their hotels in Venice


A lone person walks along San Marco after an early summer rain storm


A rainbow greets those who rode out the storm in Venice


The heart of Venice’s touristic center


Doge’s Palace, after the rain


Sunset at San Marco


Gondoliers take a break


San Marco


San Marco at night


Dusk turns to night at Piazza San Marco


Throngs of tourists descend onto St. Mark’s Square


The Venice lagoon

Venie newspaper

The newspaper in Venice

Venice canal

A person walks along one of the small Venice canals


It’s the little things that make Venice so spectacular

fresh water in Venice

Fresh water in Venice

Venice street

A quiet street in Venice

Desserts in Venice

Oh, the desserts.

Boats in Venice

Boats line up in the main lagoon.

Venice history

Lights and history

San Marco Venice

Crowds take in the beauty of San Marco

Cats and Venice

Because CATS.


Angels and old

Which of these photos of Venice are your favorites?


  1. The second photo, with the al fresco seating and local shops, was my favourite. I loved the façades of the buildings and it made me want to magically step into it and meander the beatiful streets of Venice!


  2. Enjoyed your phtos! I am going to be in Vence for 6 days in mid Novmber. I am torn as to whether I should lug my canon6d and heavy L series lens, or use my iphone’s camera? Do i understand correctly you shot these wonderful photos on your phone?


    1. I split between my phone and my Rebel. Honestly, I LOVE my iphone 6 and am confident using it to take photos if general pics are what I’m looking for.


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