Welcome to the new d travels ’round

Same, same … but (oh so) different

Diana Edelman d travels 'round

I’ve been keeping a secret from you lovelies. Actually, I’ve been keeping quite a few secrets. I’m not going to drop all of them in one swoop, but today I am letting you in on one of them: I’ve got a new site.

OK, so that is clearly apparent. But, still, it was really hard not to talk about it all the time because I was just so flipping excited.

Welcome to the fresh d travels ’round!

What’s new?


Well, other than a new look, the content is still pretty much the same. You can still expect the travel narratives, destination features, stories of my life as an expat and heaps of photos.

I’m also taking the site more towards a responsible tourism bent. With the recent launch of #RTTC by myself, Jessie Festa and Dylan Lowe, I am more committed than ever to deliver you information and stories promoting responsible tourism. Starting really soon, you can expect more in-depth news articles about responsible tourism issues and interviews with experts in the industry.

But, there’s more!

I get asked regularly about how I took my career-break and traveled solo long-term, as well as tips on freelancing, starting a blog and living as an expat. Because of this demand, I have launched a special travel and expat consultation service to help you plan the career-break, blog, solo trip or prepare you for life as an expat!

I am also re-launching my newsletter. The newsletter will focus more on responsible tourism and provide destination features and more that aren’t on my site. You get exclusive content over on the newsletter, plus updates, giveaways and more. So, if you haven’t signed up yet, please be sure to do so!

What is checking out?

Let’s face it. Between volunteering for Save Elephant Foundation my blog, my other blog — The Comfort Zone Project —  and freelance gigs, it is hard to post on a schedule, and even harder to commit to Escapes of the Week and Daily Wanderlusts. (You haven’t seen any of these posts lately? Shocker!) So, it is time to put them to rest. It doesn’t mean I won’t have some pictures to inspire wanderlust, or destination features, I totally will, but just not on a schedule like I was trying to do and failing miserably at.

And there you have it.

I hope you like the new site and new stories coming your way. I’ve still got heaps of stuff on Europe, plus more on expat life in Chiang Mai and beyond.

I’d like to extend a huge, heaping thank you to egniteMEDIA for the redesign of my site. If you’re looking for anything related to web sites, graphic design, web development, mobile apps, animation and more, this company is what you’re looking for.

As always, I am eternally grateful for your support over the years. And, stay tuned, I’ve got more announcements coming …

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26 thoughts on “Welcome to the new d travels ’round

  1. Congratulations! And you know I know what you’ve gone through to get here having just finished my own redesign as well! Love the bright colors, love the bright new focus. You go girl.


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