Confessions of a Croc Addict

My name is Diana and I have a dirty little secret: I wear Crocs. Nay, I am obsessed with Crocs. They are my favorite shoes. On the planet.

Maya Shopping Mall
Maya Shopping Mall: home to one of the many Croc stores in town.

Sometimes, when I have nothing to do, I will take a songthaew up to one of the shopping malls and find the Crocs store and just stare, drooling, at the plethora of the rubbery cushions of bliss hanging from the wall.

There was a time, not long ago, when I swore up and down and sideways and backwards and any other direction possible I would never, ever, ever wear those hole-y, vile-looking clog things. Not at home. And most certainly not in public.

Then, Thailand happened.

I remember it so well. Last summer, my friend and I were going to get our nails did. She was getting a pedi; I was having something bright and pretty globbed on my fingers. But, she wore close-toed shoes and I had flips. So, the fateful moment occurred when we swapped footwear.

I slipped my feet into her black, rubber, sling-backed shoes and my feet sunk into heaven. Heaven in a shoe.

“What are these?” I asked as we began to walk, and each step felt like I was going to bounce to the next.

“Oh, Crocs,” she said all nonchalant and confident.

I froze in my tracks.

But, they weren’t as ugly as sin. They were cute. Almost stylish. Well, as stylish as comfortable shoes made by Crocs could get, or so I thought.

In that moment, I needed to have a pair. I had to have a pair, since once it started to rain, I noticed my feet were firmly planted to the ground instead of slipping on the slick surfaces dotted around town.

When I went to Delaware at the end of last summer, I walked into my first-ever Crocs store and got the exact pair of shoes (ballet flats) I had worn that rainy summer day with her.

Prague paddle boating
Resting the Croc-covered-feet in Prague

Over the next nine months, I wore those shoes every day. No matter what. Flip flops, nice shoes, they all went by the wayside. I could have a pair of shoes that were comfortable! Non-slip! And cute!

I would sheepishly grin and announce I was wearing Crocs when people would ask me. They’d roll their eyes, but when instructed them to take a look at them, they would typically respond with: “Those are Crocs, huh?”

Yes. Those are Crocs.

And when those Crocs began to lose their tread, I did what any sane Croc-loving girl would do. I went straight to that Croc store in Chiang Mai and snatched up two more pairs – one like my old black ones which had worn out, and then another pair of pink loafers because, Pink! Loafers! (AKA Beach Line Boat Shoes.)

Crocs Stanford book Store
Walking all over the world … in my Crocs.

A little while later, it came time to pack up for Europe and I had mentioned to the fabulous Travel Fashion Girl that I planned on bringing Crocs to wear as my day shoe, so when she sent over her packing list for Europe, she included an adorable pair of Crocs —Crocs Women’s Adrina II Flat— on the list.

Which, of course, sent me back to the Croc store (and H&M and Uniqlo and Mango and Zara) to purchase those perfect European walking shoes.

Today, these shoes have come a long way from the Mario-Batali-neon-orange-clogs and actually are not only perfect for walking, but also for casual dress up. It’s a love affair I have no intention of quitting anytime soon.

Would you don the Crocs??

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25 thoughts on “Confessions of a Croc Addict

  1. I’ve been pretty happy gallivanting the world with my Birkenstocks, but YES!! I would totally wear those styles of Crocs, NOT the original ones though. My opinion is firm: the original style (those clogs) should not be worn anywhere outside your backyard or in any activity beside gardening. I’ve been wanting to buy a pair of Crocs for sometime and you’re post seems to be the last push for me to finally get a pair and see how comfy these things can get.


    1. YAY!! I’m so glad I could convert someone else!! The original Crocs were/are heinous. But, these new styles? They are super cute and perfect for looking put together and having comfortable feet!! GREAT travel shoe!


  2. This is awesome! Im glad to see I’m not the only “Crocs-closet fan”. I agree the first batch that came out – the clogs design, are hideous. But their ladies footwear flats, pumps, and feminine looking sandals are really good. I cannot wear heels at all so they are really a lifesaver when travelling but still needing to have decent looking shoes. I have not found any other day to day comfortable footwear. I even wear it to work! (office)


  3. Ummmm I have mocked my dad mercilessly for his gardening Crocs but girl, even I have to admit those ones are cute! I might be checking those out when I get to Siam Paragon!


  4. I giggled at the thought of you freezing in your tracks like “Oh *expletive*, I am wearing Crocs…” They ARE pretty cute… maybe… just maybe… I will try on a pair.


  5. Have never tried a pair on and don’t know if I will. The pair you had in Israel were very cute.
    They have gotten a lot nicer because those big gross foamy ones were ugly 🙂


  6. OK, I don’t like crocs, especially their initial hideous design, but this new style looks pretty cute, especially if they have it in other colors. You’ve shaken my beliefs…


  7. So, umm, yeah. I have to admit that those are NOT ugly.

    I, too, have always been anti-Croc. But you have me convinced that maybe I should reconsider! I have terrible feet that hurt SO BAD after I’m on them for a couple of hours, no matter what I wear. Perhaps these are the answer?


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