Editor’s Note: This post is written and provided by Alexandre Duval.

Montreal – Canada’s second largest city – is among the places where eating out is the most exciting in North America. In fact, Montreal restaurants rock: thanks to its diverse population, Montreal is endowed with an unmatched offer of food types. With more than 5,000 restaurants and bars across the city, tourists can indeed find pretty much any type of food they are looking for. Below are some of Montreal’s neighbourhoods where ethnic eateries serving traditional meals from all over the world abound. Making it to these places will only enhance any tourist’s experience in the wonderful city of Montreal.


The city of Montreal has the chance to be home to Canada’s third largest Chinese community. Unsurprisingly, then, Montreal’s Chinese food scene is quite interesting. If they are craving this type of food, tourists will actually find everything they need in Chinatown, which is located in a busy downtown area of Montreal. Not only do good restaurants have massively established themselves there, but the vibrant atmosphere of Montreal’s Chinatown and its architectural specificities (including four ‘paifang’ or traditional gates – more than in any other Canadian Chinatown) will contribute to making anyone’s overall Chinese food experience in the city even more satisfying.


One of Montreal’s most diverse neighbourhoods, Côte-des-Neiges also happens to be a very busy area since the prestigious Université de Montréal – which counts more than 60,000 students – is located in its heart. Côte-des-Neiges is a place where young local and international students, long-time inhabitants of the neighbourhood and a dynamic immigrant community all intermingle. It also has a stunning offer of ethnic food from various countries: China, Lebanon, India, Vietnam, etc. And prices are generally quite low! Definitely a perfect neighbourhood to eat out for visitors who plan on visiting Mount-Royal Park and Saint Joseph’s Oratory during their stay in Montreal.


Often overlooked by visitors, Parc-Extension is yet another district where ethnic eateries abound in Montreal. Renowned for its unrivalled diversity (almost two thirds of the district’s population were born outside Canada), Parc-Extension is quite popular with Montrealers thanks to its numerous quality Indian restaurants where eating frugally is more than feasible. In fact, many of the district’s restaurants are ‘Bring your own wine’ (BYOW) places, which means you can save money by purchasing your own wine and bringing it to the restaurant. Drinking wine and saving money while eating Montreal’s best and most authentic Indian food sounds great, doesn’t it?

Petite Italie

Benvenuti in Italia! Pasta, pizza and coffee lovers will very much appreciate walking through Montreal’s Petite Italie (literally, ‘Little Italy’) and sitting down in one of its many trattorias. Located steps from the famous Jean-Talon Market and from the beautiful Jarry Park (where the Rogers Cup is held every year – beware, tennis fans!), Montreal’s Little Italy will charm any tourist with its unique vibe, its beautiful churches and, of course, its great, unpretentious restaurants.

About the author:

Alexandre Duval is a freelance blogger for Tourism Montreal. He writes about tourism in Quebec, Canada and elsewhere in the world. 

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