Daily Wanderlust: Morning glow at Elephant Nature Park

One of the best things about my expat life in Thailand is working for Save Elephant Foundation, which supports my most favorite place in the world, Elephant Nature Park.

A perk of my gig is that I get to head the 60 km north once a week or so to take photos, meet reporters and spend time with the elephants, Mr. Lucky, the pups and group of some of the best volunteers I have ever met. And, even better, every now and then I actually stay at the park for more than one day.

This past Friday, I headed up for an overnight visit. That night, I was treated to a spectacular sky that looked like someone threw glitter into the air and it stuck. Above me, I could see the Milkyway shimmer. And, in the morning, I got this.

Where have you seen your most beautiful sunrise?

The sun comes up at Elephant Nature Park

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16 thoughts on “Daily Wanderlust: Morning glow at Elephant Nature Park

  1. Oh my word, that is absolutely glorious!!! How magical and breathtaking. You are so very fortunate. 🙂 The best sunsets I’ve ever seen are here in Australia. Nearly every night is an absolute wonder. 🙂


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