Daily Wanderlust: Sunset in Malmö, Sweden

There is a magic that comes with sunsets.

When that giant ball of red sinks deep into the horizon. When the colors cast are so vivid, you’d swear you’re in another reality. When you can almost hear the collective sigh of every other person around you as daylight gives way to twilight gives way to night.

In Sweden, this happens later than Las Vegas — to the tune of a few hours.

After a gorgeous dinner in the sustainable enclave of the West Harbour in Malmö, Sweden, my new friend (by way of paddle boarding), and I took some time to soak in the last sips of daylight on the boardwalk.

The sunsets here are prolonged, as if the sun just decides to hover where it is for hours, giving people permission to enjoy the day even longer.

On this night, that is precisely what we did.

Even after the sun disappeared behind the Baltic Sea and Denmark, I sat, staring at the beautiful remnants of the day, taking the last wisps of light and burning the memory of the Malmö sunset into my mind.

Editor’s Note: My time in Sweden is courtesy of Visit Sweden, however all opinions are my own. If you have questions regarding this, please read my disclosure policy.


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12 thoughts on “Daily Wanderlust: Sunset in Malmö, Sweden

  1. We have more of those and really good company too! You are indeed a good with your camera, lovely pictures. Welcome back anytime!


    1. I know! I cannot wait to go back! I had help with those sunset pics — didn’t know the right settings – so some of them aren’t actually from my click. But, there were about 70 of them, so not sure which were mine and which weren’t. I will see you SOON!!


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