Daily Wanderlust: nighttime in Madrid

I love Spain, particularly Madrid. It will be my home one day. I’m a broken record in regards to these two statements.

This is the photo I took the moment I fell head-over-heels in love.

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22 thoughts on “Daily Wanderlust: nighttime in Madrid

  1. I like this square. There’s a good wine bar on one corner and I drank a bottle of wine in the bathroom of a place with 500 sandwiches there. There was a funny british guy that ordered his sandwich under the name Wanker and the spanish guy kept calling his name to pick up his food. LOL!


  2. I can see why you fell in love! I’ve never been to Madrid, only Barcelona, but I would love to go back and tour the whole country! Maybe by that time you’ll be living there and we can live the high life: sangria and siesta!!!


  3. It’s amazing… I never really intended to go to Spain but I’m so glad I did. Next time though, I’ll travel a little more extensively – like to Madrid! Great picture!


  4. You and I say the same thing: I love Spain and it will be my home (well, I’ll have several homes by then) one day. I can easily see myself in Madrid, Barcelona or on the Costa del Sol. Hopefully, the economies of the world would have improved. Also in my head is Buenos Aires. Mind you, I haven’t visited Buenos Aires, but that’s a minor detail. I’ll correct that one day soon.


  5. Great! I didn’t have that chance, although I felt in love with Spain 8 years ago, on my first journey to Barcelona. However, I also visited Madrid then and it was wonderful. Few years later I spent some time in Andalucia and I felt in love again. The truth is Spain is beautiful, including the north, the islands, the little villages, the food, the siestas, tapas, the people and their way of living. Love it!


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