Daily Wanderlust: Galway, Ireland

Exactly two years ago, I was sitting in a bed, hungover and in a fight with my liver after meeting Abbey, of A Chick With Baggage, in Dublin.

For four days, we took on Ireland, hitting the Jameson Distillery, Guinness factory and pretending we owned Temple Bar. The day before St. Patrick’s Day, we, along with two of her friends, drove her tiny car across the country to Galway, where Abbey was living.

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day IN Ireland … what an experience!

Here, Galway surrenders to the twilight of evening, the day after celebrating St. Patrick.

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6 thoughts on “Daily Wanderlust: Galway, Ireland

    1. It was definitely fun! And seriously hard on my body. I remember the final night in Ireland, I was BEAT, barley had a voice and was asleep by 8 p.m.


  1. Oh, you were on William Street standing in front of Galway Camera. That’s a pretty good store by the way. Did you see the statue of Oscar Wilde sitting in front of Lazlo Jewellers? He is sitting on a bench with Eduard Wilde, an Estonian writer. I think Galway is sister-cities with Tartu, Estonia. (I’ve never heard of it either.)

    Galway is a really nice town. I can recommend a couple restaurants: Eastern Tandoori on Bridge Street and Thai Garden over by Spanish Arch.


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