Escape of the Week: A cool elephant

I met quite a large number of elephants during my week at the Elephant Nature Park, an amazing sanctuary where captive working elephants go to live out the rest of their lives free from abuse.

While I was there, I learned each of them has unique personalities. However, despite their uniqueness, they have one thing in common: they flap their ears to keep cool. I was also told they flap their ears to show they are happy. Whether that is true, I don’t know since my quick research doesn’t seem to state that anywhere. But, I like to believe it is true.

One of my favorites …an ele in mid-flap. I swear I see her smiling, too.

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8 thoughts on “Escape of the Week: A cool elephant

  1. I just returned from Bangkok from a working trip and I too had the amazing experience of visiting some elephants. I can so relate to your comment ” I swear I see her smiling, too…” I fell in love with the elephant that took me for a lovely stroll, he was so handsome and gentle, I too could see his smile. I’m hoping to head up to Chiang Mai when I return next month…


    1. That’s lovely! When you go to CM, be sure to visit the Elephant Nature Park. Also, be sure to skip riding one. They go through a terrible process in order to learn how to accept riders, along with learn how to paint, perform in circuses, etc. and even when they are in the trekking camps and giving rides, are still subjected to terrible and inhumane treatment. I am going to be doing numerous posts about this, so be sure to read and then educate others you meet along the way. Most people visiting Thailand are not aware of the torture they endure in order to be tourist attractions.


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